Western Canada Weak Signal Association

Welcome everyone to Western Canada Weak Signal Association. We are registered in Victoria as a Non-Profit association under the Societies Act.

This group was formed in 2019 to address the void that exists in Western Canada when it comes to Weak Signal Amateur Radio. We need to band together. As a group, we are stronger than any one individual.

The following people have stepped up and have formed the executive. 

  • President – Dave Miller VE7HR
  • Vice President – Mark Spencer VE7AFZ
  • Secretary – Chris Scholefield VE7XH
  • Treasurer – Mike Wong VE7HMW
  • Member at Large – Peter Shilton VE7PS
  • Member at Large – Kirk Marat VA7RKM
  • Member at Large – Mitch Goodjohn VE6SM

Please join us and make this group grow and flourish.  

Another thing that might interest you is our Weak Signal Net on Tuesday Evening at 19:30 on 144.220 USB. Mark VE7AFZ is net control.

Also please join our Groups.io group – WesternCanadaWeakSignal+subscribe@groups.io

Learn about our Mad Scientist.

The following members are recognized for their generous donations to WCWSA as Gold Sponsors:

  • Dave VE7HR
  • David VE7SGI
  • Mark VE7AFZ

The following members are recognized for their generous donations to WCWSA as Silver Sponsors:

  • Peter VE7PS
  • Scott VE7FYC
  • Kirk VARKM
  • Kevin VE7KSB
  • Mitch VE6SM
  • Heather VE7DR
  • Chuck VA7UL

Here is our charter…

The purposes of the Society are:

(a) To further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism, individual operating efficiency, and to conduct association programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of weak-signal VHF, UHF and Microwave Amateur Radio activities in Western Canada, or activities in other areas insofar as they are deemed to be likely of interest to members of the society.

(b) To affiliate with other associations of local, national, or international jurisdiction, if, in the opinion of this Society, such affiliation will be of mutual benefit.

(c) Promote the preservation of the existing amateur bands above 50 Mhz, both in Canada and worldwide. Lobby for additional amateur bands in the spectrum above 50 Mhz through national or global amateur radio organizations.

(d) Promote technical advancement and skill improvement of its members, with an emphasis on weak signal communication.

I look forward to seeing you in the group or chatting on the air.